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26 February 2006 @ 05:18 pm
If Flames Will Reach Heaven Tonight.  
Neh, sorry Crys, but this is for your own good! J/K! These are two new NPCs that I shall be introducing to the Borasheem story-line. Well... one of them will be involved with both the beginning and Borasheem, but that's all in the gradual progress that is still expected. Any Q.C.C., I'll be right here!

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Name: Gaeus. “Protector of the Valley.” [NPC]

Age: Unknown.

Species: Demi-God.

Breed: Earth-elemental Spirit.

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Description: A demi-god that that resides in the natural earth like a cluster of rocks that form a distinguishable face. A kindred spirit, Gaeus is an earth elemental that appears on mountain sides as a face built and made of pure rock and stone. His most current location was in a valley north west of the Tibarrelus red wolf pack, it is said that he protects and looks after them.

Likes: Watching the four seasons come and pass. Weather and its many wonders. Young people and young travelers. Stories, tales, and sharing legends along with his wisdom.

Dislikes: Disrespect, pollution, littering, forms of the Wrecker.

Weaknesses: Wrecker runes. Getting carried away with a story and forgetting a question.

Strengths: He’s a freakin demi-god!

History/Bio: Gaeus has been around as long as there has been written records. Because of his earthly nature, he is known well for his guidance in finding specific locations or select people. Gaeus is a kindred spirit who is always willing to give free advice, insight, opinions, and millions of stories gathered from his eons of existence on the earth.

Skills: Gaeus can find anyone and anything that is standing on the mother earth. Otherwise, the skills of Gaeus are pretty unknown to mortal minds.

Personality: Very, very friendly and patient. Gaeus has a very grandfather personality that is both strong and caring. He has an accidental scarecrow effect for the red wolf pack, making many other cultures fear any type interaction with him at all. Gaeus speaks very slowly and very clearly – being a master story teller after many years of experience. Gaeus also has a great sense of humor if the company is wholesome.

Abilities: Event Assignment: Gaeus can assign groups, explorers, or single individuals to quests, scenarios, missions, adventures, etc… This usually means that he also may give a gift to the participators who complete tasks successfully.

Magic: Gaia’s Footsteps: Gaeus can locate any creature, being, object, location as long as it is touching the ground or on something that is touching the ground. This is useful for pinpointing lost allies, hidden treasures, etc…

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Name: Corr Necthana [NPC]

Age: Adult.

Species: Monster.

Breed: Minotaur.

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Description: A bulls head with a man’s muscular body. Red hair, bloodshot red eyes, curved long horns, silky grayish white skin. It appears almost thick as a shield and gruesome as a fifty vicious monsters combined. Corr wears armor like a fully prepared warrior going into numerous wars at once and wears most of his smaller weapons on the back of his chain mail. He is about ten feet tall and probably weighs more than anyone would wish to know.

Likes: Wars, battles, fights, physical challenges, strategy, treasure, spoils after a raid, rare slabs of meat to eat. You get the idea.

Dislikes: Just about the opposite of his likes.

Weaknesses: He can underestimate situations or people on rare occasion. Corr is far too edgy because of his war lifestyle and can be very demanding. He is weak against lightning and white related magick. He can get frustrated like a bull if a situation is tedious or hidden from his thought process.

Strengths: Physical attacks and moves will most likely not faze him. He’s very determined and strategic in the brain. Corr is persistent in his goals and will not stop until he is satisfied with the results. He uses big weapons very easily, he has never lost a battle challenge made at him, and has much renown for leading with an iron fist.

History/Bio: Corr is a leader of an army of goblins that will follow him till the very end. Very similar to a general or a commander, Corr is very interested in raiding and invading land to discover the answers to his questions. Corr has recently set his sights on something really big. For storyline’s sake, it shall remain something to learn in game.

Skills: Corr can use any weapon or tool that can be picked up with his hands. Corr can crush a skull almost as easily as he can pick up heavy objects with ease. He also can formulate strategies, war plans, or schemes very quickly.

Personality: Very cynical, confident, muscle-head, pushy, demanding, and straight forward.

Abilities: Handle 2-Handed: Corr can wield a very large axe if the situation is necessary.

Persuasion: Corr is good at creating unusual meaning and credibility with his words that are heard by others.

Concentration: By spending an entire turn concentrating on flexing his muscles, Corr can raise both his valor and vigor making him a very difficult enemy to handle in combat.

Battle Cry: Corr unleashes a ear shattering holler that can either summon his goblin soldiers to his aid or disregard an ailment or status inflicting agent that is bothering him.

Magic: None.

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