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21 February 2006 @ 11:45 pm
my name is Crystal. Myles told me about your game. i read threw your game and it sounded like fun so i thought id make a character and see if its alright with you.

*Name: unknown
*Species: unknown *you can assign one if you like for any unknown facts if its an issue*
*Description: she stands only about 4’8”. She has a very child like appearance and has big blue almost violet eyes. She has marks or what’s left of stubs on her back. She’s wearing a little white dress and has golden hair with little bits of purple in it.
*Likes: watching people and things interact, asking questions
*Dislikes bullying, more then one man coming toward her, sitting still, others in pain
Weaknesses she has no memory of what she is, where she’s from or how she came to be and her social skills are a little off.
Strenghts size or appearance of people or objects does usually faze her in any way. She does well with healing. Very resourceful and good at making things
*History/Bio she doesn’t remember anything past a few days before. The only thing she remembers is the feeling of being very frightened and then a flash everything else is kinda blank other then a child’s lullaby that she hums to herself and the necklace she wears that has a blue stone on it.
She has little memory with contact with people of any kind. She can be delightfully ignorant and without fear of people or things until they have done something directly to her to make her feel fearful. She doesn’t think about things like personal space or diplomacy. She sees what she sees and acts according to her view of the situation.
She likes to mimic people and things. Not to mock them but its just something that tends to happen. She has a tendency to pick up traits or characteristics of the people around her that may change her appearance in small ways. Her appearance is also connected to current mood and emotion. Unfortunately for her she doesn’t know how to control it at will or even realizes it happens till it is brought to her attention.
She’s kind of a simpleton. Simple parlor tricks can fool or scare her. She doesn’t like things…particularly swirling balls of energy, suddenly appearing out of nowhere and/or very close to her.
21 February 2006 @ 08:52 pm
Here's finally a picture of Friden! I've also created a Lexicon that is based on a few terms that I just invented out of thin air. So I decided to define the terms to lessen the confusion. If you have any additions, ideas, changes you'd like to make, just let me know! (Or heck just post em in a new post, neh!?) I'm going to tag it as Lexicon and Friden.

The Lexicon of randomly invented terms...Collapse )

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21 February 2006 @ 01:26 pm
Alright here's my part of The Beginning thus far. Hope you enjoy it!

Don't awaken the dragon!Collapse )

Gonna try and draw some fun sketches of Friden before I have to leave for my next class, neh, but I will also make sure to tag this entry yet again, if there is some type of text sequence I need to use to make it appear on the entry, perhaps, just let me know! If you'd like to interact, speak, write small details of actions in between characters, etc... try it in the form of comment... (unless you have a ton to write {a dream, a thought, character development, etc...}) I just double side-noted that last phrase didn't I?! Neh, so silly!
All luck be to your writing! You're doing a great job!
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21 February 2006 @ 11:13 am
ooc: Wonderful Explorer_Fam and i totally will!


the wyvern watched the beasts dance and shout. she had no time for such trivial games. "certainly they dont honestly think that the storms will come according to their will!" though young, she knew more than most about magicks, though she lacked her own ability to use them. she paced her cavern once more and fell down with a thud and a rather loud sigh. " im exhausted ".
she began to fall into the dreamworld when she started randomly thinking about the caverns in which lay behind her. they burrowed deep into the mountain range and with so many twists and turns it was almost impossible to navigate by ones self. though many have made it through, it was still a dangerous journey for one to go alone.
In mid thought, she heard something, a crash of stone and dirt.. " must be the caves collapsing again..."
moments after she fell asleep.

"meirou, where are you going.. the storms much too strong please, come down!"
the wind was howling and the rain was pelting meirou with a series of harsh attacks against her skin
"ill be fine, im built to fly!! im going to get us out of this mess now just be patient"
then, all of a sudden a Flash, and a Clap of thunder

Meirou Jumped awake. the pain stuck in her heart like a hot dagger.
"why was i so stupid, i should have listened to him..."
she lay there silent again willing herself to sleep again. I musnt think about it now. i need to rest, if im ever going to find him again, i need my rest. she slowly started to fall back to sleep, in no rush to relive that nights pain in one of her dreams again.

ooc: i think i included in meis history thats shes in love with a human mortal, whom she lost during a storm one night. i havent really created his character yet though ^_- so ill have to play it by ear when i want to introduce him.
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20 February 2006 @ 11:53 pm
I wrote him up just now while I was doing research on extinct species for a rhetorical English class research project. I thought, neh, what the heck, something new and something fun to work with. The abilities and magic are based of a roleplaying book called the laws of the wild and are not meant to be taken as must-bes or must-haves or must-be-dones. I only thought it would be more fun that way and more organized! I'm going to try to keep his personality as unique as possible, but can't help but grin at the small similarities toward myself.

Introduction...Collapse )

Any suggestions, comments, questions... just let me know. I hope I did this accordingly well! I'm gonna work on the picture and art for him a little tonight and a little tomorrow... (Crosses fingers) Expecting much success in due time!
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12 February 2006 @ 05:47 pm
Name: Meirou




Likes: the stars, and her mortal loved one

Dislikes: Agressiveness, Rudeness, complete morons ^_-
Strengths: Determined and always carrying a glint of hope even in the darkest of times.

Skills: Shes talented at flying, night or day, and loves to do it!
the ability to create a strong sense of trust for fellow dragons and other creatures, you can most certianly depend on her.

Personality: She is overall a friendly dragon, though she can be stubborn and somtimes moody depending on those around her. she has a low tolerance for immaturity or stupidity. She will try to befriend even the toughest dragon or other creature. (trust me she wont give up)

Weaknesses: Being too Stubborn but also Timid. She is very unsure of herself when place in an entirely new situation.
Her stubborness can get her into a bit of trouble here and there.

Description: Off White with black spots. Shes a typical wyvern so she has two forearms that are her wings and two rear legs. she has a Grey mane that runs from the top of her head down to the middle of her back, and on the middle of her tail there is a strip of mane again.
her eye color is blue, and she has two smooth twisting horns. Her skin is leathery, similar to a sharks in texture.

Abilities: Breathing Fire, Flying

Magic: None , though i havent decided on it quite yet. well have to see how she develops. I just dont feel shes ready for it right now. Maybe a Higher dragon will bless her with the ability to control fire, she is a wyvern! ^_- hehe

As a young dragon she grew up high in the mountains, pretty much alone. that is.. until a teenage boy came into her life by chance.
he was hunting and when he got on the trail of a larger animal he lost his way and happened upon her cave. he decided to take it as shelter. Meirou watched from afar, when he did not wake up after a day of rest, Meirou became worried for the human and went to the cave to check on him.
she sensed he was sick and created a medicine for him with local herbs. when he awoke later that night he found himself in a bed of grasses and leaves next to a well lit fire.
he called out several times. expecting a human to be there for him. he ended up finding himself in the presence of a medium sized dragon.
She finally answered and told him that he had been sick. he thanked her for the care she had provided and asked her why she of all creatures would help an unworthy poor human such as himself.
she answered truthfully and told him that she had taken a liking to him, and actually appreciated the quiet company.
eventually she fell in love with him, and he her, even knowing of their extreme differences. ( hes also two years older than her)
so basically from there on they remained together until one day were seperated during a storm. she has been searching ever since. certain that he is in fact still alive and well, and searching for her too.

Meirou is hesitant to know others at first Though friendly, it takes alot more to get to the dragon underneath. She is Cautious, but not overly wary. shes very outgoing, and overall in high spirits.

11 February 2006 @ 06:35 pm
Welcome to Dragon RP!

Feel free to join and introduce yourself and your character.
In order to keep everything clean and neat, please TAG your entries. This is a simple process and any who dont use them will be asked once to do so.

when introducing a characer try to give us as much information as possible. Feel free to submit multiple characters. Check the userinfo for more information on the rules of this community.
Tag New Characters or any characters "Characters" please. and tag any threads you post to, or new storied apropriately as well.

Character Guideline

all the *'ed items are required if your character is to be accepted into the community.

Enjoy your time here! and feel free to email me with any questions or comments!!
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