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19 March 2010 @ 02:42 am
 hi i would like to create a character

Name :Shadowfire
Age: 13
Descreption: Black with Red stripes
tail 10m
high 30m
Has a wound on Left Eye
character Story : He lived with his Brother
in a Cave since He was 8 1 Night He went
Hunting with His Brother . They saw an Animal
and Hide behind a Tree and waited the Animal
was now Infront of them As they want catch it
a other Dragon who was 2 Times of their Size
attacked them . The battle was Short Shadowfire
escaped but His brother died.
Likes : Hunting , fighting , Food , Winning
Dislikes : Waiting , Losing ,
Weakness : ( Weakness means like Fire weakness Water ?) ICE
Strength : cant weakend by Fire or demons
Um thats all thx
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23 March 2006 @ 02:17 pm
Im going to be switching back to my old journal, so if you see a "new" mod dont be alarmed. its only me. I finally got the motivation to delete about 2 thousand entries from that journal. so now its all cleaned up.

09 March 2006 @ 10:32 pm
Ok hears the start of my characters story, feel free to jump in. Oh and I just noticed the text isnt in italic like it was on the board, any idead how to do italc text hear?

OOC - In thought and speach, ordinary text denotes Jrhda's personality, Italic text denotes Ky's personality. 'Single blubs' around text denotes characters own thoughts. "Double blubs" denotes speach out loud.


A storm was brewing over the bleak mounatins on which kneeled the panting form of a night clad elvish being. The rumbeling of the aproaching storm echoed the growling breaths that they rasped in and out. The blood of the bastards scatted around them looked so rank and dark in encroaching stormy murk, liken to filth. Not that there was anyone around to care that the ashy wastland of the old volcano was now strewn with a gory paste of blood, bone and black feathers.

They had got them all, every one of the slimy little bastards. Raising there head they sniffed the rank air now charged with the storms emerging power, opening there eyes as the first bolt of bile yellow lance cracked the sky with electric fire. They smiled grimly at the answering flash of light from there drawn daggers, dull and thick to the hilts with congealing blood.

'The storm aproches brother. [I] Yes, yes, yes! And it will be the cherry on our little bloody slice of cake, can we fly J, can we can we can we! [/I] I don't know brother, I grow weary of this. [I] I WANT TO FLY YOU SAID WE WOULD I KILLED FOR YOU SO WE COULD I WANT TO FLY I WANT TO FLY!!! [/I] Ky, you fool, shut up your blubbering pie hole or we'll do nothing at all. So silent brother..... you truly wish to fly then? [I] yes. [/I] Gods know why.

They rose, wipeing the dark blood from the blades before they sheathed them. Another bailful flash pearched the moment, and they turned to the crumbled side wall of the old volcano, judging the drop of the shear cliff.

'You fling and i'll catch brother, how does that sound?' The low purring growl would have been heard, if there was anyone to hear its supressed revelry. [I] 'oh yes brother, fine by me, as long as i get the rest of the ride too, it no fair if you get all the fun.' [/I]

And so the elvish being dashed in a headlong mad rush to meet the enraged air or the bottomless cragy raveen. They leaped just as they hit the edge, sumasulting and then swan diveing into the boiling turbulence.

[I] "YAAAAAAAHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAA!!" [/I] there wildly shouted challenged was ripped away from there throat as they droped like a stone and a were viciously spun by the treacherous winds. Buffeted and bulled by the storm they dropped further and further, gaining speed. Then, when fully shouded in the storm cloud they were passing though, Jrhda waited until the moment the largest storm strike yet was to birth and howled in unison with it as he changed there form from elvish to Dragon.

The great black wings beat out and were wrenched by the wind they battled against, while masive halos of electric gouted from the toothy maw that spiraled downwards out of the rageing clouds. They spun madly as they flew the ever changeing riptides of the thunderheads, whipping up great deluges of wicked quicksliver fire with there own lightening.

The artificialy intencified storm ploughed onwards, out of the dead mountain passes and aproached the forests and lush vallies beyond. Niether of them cared in there blood driven frenzy, that the bolts of fire were now starting to rain down on forest and farmstead. They just screached in wild hyteria, meserised, and reveling in the new stench of burning that began to choak the sky.

'....the forest is burning love... we must hurry....' that desperate heart wrending plea from the past struck them to the core and they could do naught but fall from the sky as best they could.

"AMARANTHEA!" the heart rent howl of rememberace crashed into the air, just as they did the deap lake.

The storm quieted, and the rain poured down on the burning flora. The last waves from the great wyrms fall pushed the mindless, battered elvish form to the rocky shore, breathing, but barely.
09 March 2006 @ 10:25 pm
OK, he's more that a bit odd, so I hope I dont offend.


Name: Jrhda'nhan Iviranth / Kytyris Wehndygo

Age: Unknown/forgotten

Species: Dragon and humanoid.

Breed: Western dragon and unknown humanoid.

Likes: Singing, hunting, blood, revenge, loyalty.

Dislikes: Being told they can't do something for a reason they see as unfounded. Crows, vultures and other scavinging birds. Painful memories. Being tied up or traped. magic. Bright Sunlight.

Strengths: Insainity, in that it alows them to block out pain, be it physical or mental, but also means they do not feel fear, unless it is magically induced.

Skills: Remarkable and reckless flyer. Leather working and scrimshaw. Knowlage and understanding of ancient/dead languages. Singing and harp playing. Can use a bow, daggers swords and staff.

Personality: He is paranoid, raffish, solitary, depressed, antention seeking, sinister and more than slightly volalite in his mood swings. While he can be incredibly loyal and honorable when the mood takes him, he can also be unspeakably crule as well. Contradiction and missery run like a huge fault line through his minds and soul.

Weaknesses: Blind Rages, halucinations, amnisia.


In dragon form: About 40ft tall when standing on all fours. 4 legs, bat like wings, long neck and tail. Matt black tough leathery hide, Blue/black and purple/black gem like scales in varying sizes on head back, neck and tail and on outer sides of limbs. Two large dull silver horns on top of head, with smaller horns running in pairs behind. Long spines of the same colour running the length of the spinal ridge from head to tail tip. At the end of his tail is a wicked double bladed tail spike. Talons of the same colour. Large belly plate sclaes in dull gray silver, with iridecant tones of purple an blue. Murcury Silver eyes which glow blue softly in low light and darkness.

In Huanoid form:

Slightly elven looking. An even 6ft. He is lithe and sleakly muscled. His hair is back at the roots lightening to silver at the tips, and is uncharacteristicly short for an elffen like humanoid, as it is cropped close to his head. A pair of 8 inch, smooth dull silver horns sprout from near the back of his head, with two smaller pairs in gradualy smaller sizes behind them. long sharp claw like nails, fangs. His clothes are always soft blacks or greys in colour, and and metal he ownes is blackend. His skin is pale and his eyes are are a mercurial silver, which like in dragon form, glow.

Abilities: Breathing lightening (bolts, balls and shocks) and healing fire(dragon form only). Improved healing. Weather sence. Elimental awairness. swiftness. Elimental resistance. Tough skin (almost impervious when in dragon form)

Magic: Can comand and controle the eliments, Wards and resistif spells. Ilusionary and distractive spells.

Though thet can use quite alot of powerful magic, they dislike doing so unless they have no choice. it is not something they do often.

History: Jrhda' is a Dragon that no longer speaks to his own people if he can help it, and most of the time they are extreemly thankfull of his choice, this is due to the fact that Jrhda' is, by all acounts, Psychotic.

If the elder dragons know what drove this once highly respected member of there kind insain, the do not speak of it, and most will avoid the subject. Anyone who has the opotuneity to be in his company for any lenght of time will quickly become awaire that Jrhda' has a seccond, and far more malevolent personality called Kytyris, not that his first is particularly nice.

Though they have the choice of two forms, dragon and humanoid, the two personalitys are not asigned to either, but share the bodies. Both personalitys are also simultainiously present unless they choose to receed, though Jrhda is the stronger of the two. They also spend more time in the humanoid form that the dragon.

The only time he seems in anyway normal is when he plays his small ancient lap harp (in humanoid form) that is perpetually with him, or singing (if in dragon form).
Lost in his own deluisional world, he now sometimes hires himself out as a mercinary, though he seems to have his own aganda to whatever he does.


ok thats it, if anything needs clarifying, just tell me! and be happy to oblige.

This is quite a dark character, who has the potential to be quite evil. if this is not ok, I can modify this as well.
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08 March 2006 @ 09:53 am
ive put the forum in a few search engines, so hopefully ill be able to attract more trafic. in the mean time, we can still update here as well, for those who would only like to use livejournal.

I shall be off sketching now. maybe ill come up with a new charrie i can RP here. ^_-
04 March 2006 @ 11:57 pm
Alright guys, since im kind of testing a bunch of things out ive dicided to actually create an actual Forum.
Tell me if youd rather it stay here on livejournal or actually be a forum. I just think after reading and using livejournal for this sort of thing its more convienent to have it all in one forum. Much more organized. What do you think myles? Im much more apt to appoint mods there too since here on livejournal i have less control over what mods can and cant do. Again, im really thinking that its going to be the main site for this comm. but im still willing to use it here as well if you guys dont want to use a forum.

Also, if anyone wants sigs *no animation though i cant do animation yet!!* let me know. give me some pics and i can churn some out for ya ^_^;

heres the link. http://com3.runboard.com/bdragonroleplay

Let me know guys! your opinions count!
Neh, hey all, I've been developing this system for many weeks now and was hoping to give it a try eventually to make sure it works correctly and is beneficial, understood, and helpful for all players and their role-playing in the community Dragon RP. This system is in accordance with physical challenges, social challenges, magical challenges, and mental challenges...

The Odds Are Against You system...Collapse )

Which brings me to my final point. This is not an official system or rule that we are going to start using effective immediately! This is something that must be in agreement with everyone who wishes to use or confirm with it. This means that I need everyone’s permission and agreement to set this system in motion. Please comment back to me on this post and let me know on your comments, concerns, questions, ideas, complaints, and disagreements, and feedback. It is very important to me that I discover everyone’s opinion on this idea! Do please at least comment back a vote for this system to be either set in action for role-playing or to decline it and say no, that’s too complicated! Since there are three active players so far, I shall need your votes and if anyone wishes to join up as well and start a new character, I’ll need your vote and confirmation for this system. Especially from bicentennial76, this is your community and I would most definitely need your permission to start such a system. In fact it will not even be activated without your approval! I promise you that!

I’m hoping it will be a fun experience, even without having to use such a system! But it was just an idea that was building up in the back of my head for some time now, and I just wanted to express it. So, please let me know on what you think and be honest! Thank you!
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27 February 2006 @ 12:27 am
This is the second entry made for Borasheem! Well done, Crys! Yer not dead yet! J/K! Anywho, this entry continues the saga of your character... so... enjoy!

Read on...Collapse )

Good luck and more importantly have fun!
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26 February 2006 @ 05:18 pm
Neh, sorry Crys, but this is for your own good! J/K! These are two new NPCs that I shall be introducing to the Borasheem story-line. Well... one of them will be involved with both the beginning and Borasheem, but that's all in the gradual progress that is still expected. Any Q.C.C., I'll be right here!

Gaeus and Corr Necthana character sheets...Collapse )

I had contacted one other of my friends to investigate this community and e-mail me back with his opinion of either yay or neigh, but still haven't heard back from him yet.
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Alright! Here you are Crystal, have fun! I'm going to tag it as: borasheen.

Awakening Behind Iron & Steel...Collapse )

And just a friendly reminder to bicentennial76 It is your turn to continue our interaction for 21st of February post between our two characters! I miss your writing! You're really awesome at it!
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